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Episode 40 – Ménage à Trois Edition Number 2 (Ménage à quatre?) but really: The Weekend

[Content note: vulgar language, sexual themes, suicide]


Dear Listener,

God-Damn it, it is mighty cold (and we are not just talking about Tash’s shoulder *ba-dam tish*). This week we decided to take an afternoon nap in our toasty warm bed. And after the nap, we watched Youtube in our toasty warm bed. And after the Youtube, we tried to come up with  a word for when someone asks “what are you thinking?” and what you are thinking is not really important but it would be a lot of effort to put it in to a sensible collection of words; our best was ‘mind drifting’ and ‘thought flotsam’. And after all that, we ran out of any ideas about how to legitimately stay in bed, until Tash remembered we had not done the podcast. Here is that effort.


Tash and PantslessJam


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