Welcome to Heaps Funny But, a podcast where we talk about our lives and thoughts and ideas and one of us gets mercilessly teased by the other one. It’s not really a comedy podcast, but one of us really likes the name.

The reason one of us likes the name *linguistics alert* is that ‘heaps’, being used as an intensifier like ‘very’, is a pretty common colloquial term in Australia but not so much elsewhere. Similar to a vegemite sandwiches, tasty cheese or paddle pops, it is a reminder of our rich cultural heritage. Ending a sentence or phrase with ‘but’  as an exclamatory adverb is also quite common around these parts (particularly on the east coast), and it also sounds like ‘butt’.

New episodes are uploaded Sunday nights (Australian time)… mostly. Maybe Monday nights. Sometimes not at all.


Tash Because

Tash works in Not for Profits (kinda) and has a real passion for a good bath. She spends her days thinking about social justice and social media, cooking cakes and desserts, reading webcomics, ranting about linguistics, and volunteering with her local Lions Club. Tash also holds a Bachelor of Arts (maj. Linguistics & French)/Bachelor of Laws (Hons) which she mainly uses to win arguments.

She is very funny.

You can find her on twitter at @TAsh_Because or on Project Noah as TAsh_Because



PantslessJam  has been at university for NINE WHOLE YEARS now. He’s an aspiring analytic philosopher, an admittedly admitted solicitor, a person who writes creatively, and cheeky to boot. On an average day, you might find PantslessJam in the library being very serious or cooking up a storm while his dear partner is out bringing home the bacon.You can find him on twitter at @PantslessJam.