Episode 16 – Illness

[Content note: vulgar language, sexual themes, sickness, injury]

Dear Listener,

This episode is pretty sick! Tash has been struck down by Labyrinthitis. Putting our holiday plans on pause, we’re both happy to auditorily visit you again, our most precious listener.

Interestingly, we didn’t mention Ebola. It strikes us as a missed opportunity. We could have joked that Tash has Ebola (that she was the bell of Ebola).

We also didn’t get to talk about PantslessJam’s favourite topic – the moral culpability of getting others sick. While it is incredibly boring to listen to, his rant is along the lines of: the moral culpability usually attaches to the person who was sick and “gave” it to the new person. But, assuming that the sick person didn’t cough on the new person or intentionally spread their illness, the sick person’s only fault was getting sick – something that… see this is boring.

Anyway, you can listen to what we did talk about!

Kind regards,

Tash and PantslessJam

Right click here and ‘save link as’ to download

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