Episode 10 – Tips and Tricks to Get By in Life

[Content note: vulgar language, sexual themes, cancer, domestic violence]

Dear Listener,

This podcast is made specifically for you. You are a loser, but we’ve got the good tonic to solve this problem. Here, we let loose our platinum-plated tips and tricks to get by in life. So if you want to make friends, and influence people, you should definitely listen to this podcast because it is 100% guaranteed to be pure truth. It is definitely not two people talking out of their arses. Everything is well thought out, tried and tested, scientifically verifiable and confirmed…

In lighter news, the parasitic alien that Tash was hosting in her forearm finally burst out. It is right behind you.


Yours faithfully,

Tash and PantslessJam

P.S. As promised, here is an article explaining how to effectively google things! And if you are curious, here is a link to a fact sheet on violence against women in Australia.


Right click here and ‘save link as’ to download

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