Episode 9 – Fiction

[Content note: vulgar language, sexual themes]

Dear Listener,

Alright, alright, we get it. We’re sorry we missed last week, and we understand that you’re so psychologically connected to the podcast that you can’t go on living without your weekly fix of Heaps Funny But. There was a quality issue with last week’s podcast; it was way too good. There is no way we could keep up that standard, so rather than spoil you, we decided to put that little podcast away and never show it to the world. Our best is for us, and us alone.

More to the point, if you want to complain about something that we do, something in the podcast, some of the drivel Tash says, do so in writing on our website. While we love hearing from you through private channels, eventually we would want to create a little bit of a community so we can commoditise your time and take your soul  be best friends. And we know it seems so far off, considering it’s just you, Listener, but in the end we’ll get there with your help.

This week we talk about fiction, with exciting discussion from Tash about her favourite forms of fiction and with unenthusiastic contributions from PantslessJam who seems to have taken a heavy dose of morphine just before recording.


Here’s looking at you, kid,

Tash and PantslessJam.


Right click here and ‘save link as’ to download

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