Episode 3 – Food


[Content note: vulgar language, sexual themes, self harm]

Dear Listener,

They say third time’s the charm; they also you you can’t trust a man with two first names; so ‘they’ are clearly morons. But even a broken clock is right twice a day (well, once in twenty-four hour time). And maybe, just maybe those morons are right about our third time out.

In any case, we are excited for this topic: food, a subject near and dear to our hearts. In PantslessJam’s case, only the cholesterol part of food is near his heart, the calories are around his waist and vitamins in his bright blue eyes. But we both have a passion for food. So sit down and tuck in to a big helping of ‘Heaps Funny But’.

See you next time,

Tash and PantslessJam.

Right click here and ‘save link as’ to download

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